• Snake Eyes / Htown Double Feature is a collaborative effort by Allan Angel and Chris Perguidi. It is a project that they produced in a massive promotional tour at comic book conventions around the United States from 2010-2014. It is a culmination of their kinship to action oriented comic books tinged with mature themes and dark witted humor.

    Snake Eyes is a graphic novel that some have said inspired the likes of film and television shows that would arise after its release in 1996 including "The Matrix" trilogy, Dark Angel that introduced Jessica Alba, Alias starring Jennifer Garner and countless Super Hero type movies featuring a black leather clad, female assasin, robot or a woman with mad martial arts skills with Father issues.

    Htown is a somewhat more of a tribute to the Super Hero genre that Allan Angel and Chris Perguidi grew up reading in the 1990s featuring a band of Super Heroes designed originally under the umbrella of President Roosevelt to ward off genetically enhanced super soldiers Hitler was concocting in achieving world domination. It features such intriguing characters as Erika Amerika, Dr. Dino and The Dart!

    This amazing graphic novel will be signed by Allan Angel in gold. Only 20 left!