"Why buy our books?"

By Allan Angel

(August 20, 2016)

All we have is our hearts, determination and the will to win.They have the technology, the distribution, the cash, the booths, the manpower but they don’t have the elements that make a product withstand the test of time- us. Value that will benefit you when you’re too old to find a job because you can’t move anymore and your children sucked the living daylights out of you.

Why buy our books?

We don’t devalue it by printing in large quantities. It’s good for the corporations, but it’s bad for you, because there’s more of it to go around meaning there’s more of it to meet demand. Second, most of the people that collect comic books buy in bulk, which means there’s even more to go around than you think there are. They are virtually creating a bubble, a comic book bubble! At a cost of .10 per unit and sell price of $3.95, you are basically paying .10 cents for every $3.95. Where’s the fun in that?

What does that all mean? You would have to wait 20 years to get your money back and you would probably be, you will be, at a loss because you have to keep it in inventory and that costs money folks! In this day and age, where all the money is spread out to the 1% there’s less money available for things that you, the rest of the 99% need the most— housing, food, transportation, clothes, life insurance, health insurance, and the list goes on. So that’s even less money to go towards luxury goods like comic books, video games, etc.

They, the big publishers, not only print in bulk. They do second, third, fourth editions up to even 11 editions and above! That .10 cents, I told you, you were paying for a comic book that costs $3.95 has just turned to .0001 cents per book. That's more than -1000% return on your investment. It's like buying a forever stamp for .49 cents and find out 5 years later that the same stamp is .0001 cents!

Their books are dull. They talk about the same thing over and over again- revenge, greed, sex, scantily clad women. We can give you that and more! We talk about social issues like child abuse, prejudice, inequality, the environment, and on and on. Things that really matter. Do I have to go on?

We have the worst luck of anyone in this business and we’re the youngest! Did you know that #chrisperguidi was already well known before becoming the face of the PokemonGo! #stabbing? Only about a hundred Htown #1, a collaboration of the Angel/Perguidi #teamangel were printed. Can you imagine how much it's worth now!?! #chrisperguidi has been in the news in Telemundo, Vietnam, Japan, you name it! What artist/writer do you know has an IMBD profile…as an actor?

Yeah... Stan Lee. Right, and he can’t even draw.

In 1996, Integrity Comics published Snake Eyes at the price of 1.75 a piece. These are selling for as much as $34 dollars on sites like amazon.com. Google it, Bing it, and be amazed! Need I say more? Reserve your signed copy of ...S... and Baby Warriors #2 by emailing me at allan@integritycomics.comPeace!