"Fanime 2010"

By Allan Angel

(August 24, 2016)

Pia Mia Perez known professionally as Pia Mia, is an American singer, songwriter, and model from Guam but more known for her fashion sense. She has recently been made the new fashion director for Madonna’s Material Girl. Madonna and Lourdes are responsible for selecting the designer of their clothes and their choices of models have ranged from Taylor Momsen, Kelly Osbourne and Rita Ora.

I always saw the Material Girl line as a way for Madonna to give her daughter Lourdes the opportunity to express her fashion sense. Parents usually like to live vicariously through their children and, in a way, Lourdes is a reflection of Madonna throughout the years. Also, because she is so young the Material Girl line might also be a way of protecting Lourdes from ridicule by letting her fully express herself without the scrutiny that designers like Gaultier would incite such as when he introduced the cone bra to the world.

While there are markedly many similarities between Pia and Madonna, I would say Pia Mia is more green and more innocent compared to Madonna’s beginnings. By the time her mother passed away, I think Madonna was hardened, esp. as the years passed and her father had moved on to another wife and their children, which meant less attention was focused on her. As she moved on to New York Madonna was even more hardened when she was raped. Basically, she went through a lot to get to where she’s at and where she started from.

And so they compare her to the pop songstresses and actresses of the time from Britney to Cristina and that’s just a misnomer. The difference between Madonna and other artists and even her contemporaries of similar age is that Madonna had to climb or scratch her way to the top. She had to punch, kick, fight for her throne whereas others walked to it. She wasn’t looking at a glass ceiling, she was looking at a metal dome where you couldn’t even see what was on the other side such as in the early 80s.

This is why Madonna’s lyrics, fashion sense and her outward expression are so powerful. It’s been bred through a warrior like existence. When they tried to make her the next Pat Benatar, Madonna said "no this is me, I do dance music", etc. You really "can’t touch this" as in the line from her Bitch I’m Madonna song. She’s been through it all. She came, she saw, she conquered under her conditions.

Pia Mia may remind Madonna of her tunnel vision ambition. Where you don’t see anything around you but the goals that you’re aiming for. You can literally not see the car accidents around you, the speed bumps. That’s why Madonna is so successful. That’s why she’ll remain rich and powerful. I think that’s what Pia Mia reminds Madonna of. Pia's life basically reminds her of her ambition and, thus, reflected in the designs of the clothes that Pia will be responsible for.

People think that Pia’s fashion sense is unorthodox, but it really is more of a young woman expressing herself exactly as she sees herself. She owns her body and designing for women with that same mentality, which the Material Girl line represents. Pia’s similarity and what makes her a perfect choice is the ambition and style imbued in the fashion that is inherently visible in the new line of Material Girl, which are awesome. The designs such as those above are mind numbingly original and amazing. They are available at Macy's.