"The Many Loves of Chris Perguidi"

By Allan Angel

(October 2, 2016)

I first saw Chris’ incredible animal magnetism in a posthumous event that occurred during our first and only year at Fanime 2010. As I was busy handing and selling coffee stained prints, Chris was busy trying to avoid a disgruntled girlfriend.

At first I thought it was a lark by a young man predisposed to the ire of his good looks, but this was serious. As hours passed I can sense desperation in Chris' voice, but I was too distracted by the amount of sales I was making to even care. And so it goes… a tribute to the many strong and beautiful women who helped us bringing visibility to our comic books.

There was Lily Figuera as Erika America.

There was Anna, who did an amazing job modeling for us as Snake Eyes or currently …S…

Hunter as Erika America.

Another girl Lisa, but we forgot to take the camera. Hopefully we'll get a copy of the one published in The Gilroy Dispatch.

My cousin Joji.

And the inspiration for the character Erika America, Erika Svensson.