"...S...:A new hero must rise!"

By Allan Angel

(August 15, 2016)

Buy ...S... today! It will be signed, numbered and shipped by September 5! Limited run of 500! $5 includes shipping and handling. 32 pages, full color, extravanganza with art and writing by Allan Angel and Chris Perguidi!

In an interview with Thomas Piketty by Rana Foroohar who wrote the incredible book about the financialization of American business called Makers and Takers, Picketty said that,

“There’s no algorithm to predict when revolutions happen but if current trends continue the consequences of society to social unrest and economic upheaval could be terrifying.”

This quote speaks so succinctly about what's happening today with social unrest, inequality, etc. I've always looked to current events for inspiration. I wanted to be the first to talk about controversial issues, to find a new way of drawing, basically, to be the first at everything.

The first social issue in my agenda I wanted to tackle was child abuse such as the first incarnation of S and other titles later on in 2008 like Lost Legends. Just a year earlier I released Crimelords, which explored the criminal mind with the heroes being criminals enlisted to fight crime.

But as intense as the subject matter was, so was the delivery, which may have offended more people than I care to admit. After gaining experience and graduating in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance at San Jose State University, I have found a less controversial but still, hopefully, a forceful tone in the melding of social issues and comic books.

My hope with this chapter of …S… is not to incite the audience and add to the fire, but rather to entertain and delve a little bit on the subject without angering either side of the issue. In other words, it really is more or less than what it seems. Don’t judge a book by its cover or rather by the first issue. I intended to write a mystery and this issue is just a small part of a bigger story I’m trying to tell.

I also changed my art style. I found that adding elements of anime, which I have never done prior to this first issue of …S…, gives the intensity of my story a somewhat more palatable quality so that it is easier to digest. It was suggested to me by fellow artist and media sensation Chris Perguidi. #chrisperguidi

I’ve known from the beginning that my stories were always going to be intense. Once your illusions of the world as being a friendly and just place fades, I realized that I didn’t just want to draw or write stories about superhuman beings who could emit energy blasts from their eyes or hands, or the ability to fly and turn mortals into stone or ice.

I loved DC superheroes and what they stood for like Wonder Woman, Superman and The Teen Titans. They protected the world from villains, but the issues involved in building the mythos for these characters, and that goes for Marvel too, especially when talking about social issues were predominantly safe, simplified, and just not very believable to me— as a person who’ve lived through prejudice. Therefore, I created my own characters that I hope will speak more to the people I wish to reach- who thinks that super heroes should be more than just costumes in primary colors and characterizations based on outdated, conventional perceptions of real issues and problems written by writers who have no idea what struggle is about.

I want my work to mean something. Just as George Perez or Madonna inspired me, I wanted to do the same for the next generation. It’s all about being real, yo! No tracing tables, real quality. Peace out…S…!