"Posters 1"

Chris Perguidi: The Face of The PokemonGo! Stabbing victim poster. (Note: The posters that look like photographs are drawings.)

2 posters are on sale for $30. One poster features a drawing based on the widely circulated photo of Chris Perguidi and his stab injuries during the incident that occured on July 27, 2016 in downtown San Jose. The other poster is the widely read online comic book on Twitter called The PokemonGo! Murder Mystery.

Each poster is 13 X 19 inches and personally signed by Chris Perguidi and artist/writer Allan Angel. In addition: you can choose 4 additional posters for free by ordering from the following Packs below. A description is underneath and a thumbnail of the specific posters in that pack!

Pack #1

Pack #1 contains The Baby Warriors Issue 2 cover, Marilyn Monroe, ...S..., and Albert Einstein.

Pack #2

Pack #2 contains ...S..., Prince, The Baby Warriors Parthian edition, and SF Giants pitcher/silver slugger Madison Bumgarner.