"Madison Bumgarner Portrait"

By Allan Angel

Madison Bumgarner or as Duine Kuiper coined him "MadBum" single handedly beat the Royals with his pitching prowess in the last world series (2014) cementing his status as the premier pitcher in the league.

Here is a picture of Madison signing the portrait at the Cow Palace. It was very fast, they had a game to play that day and the line was extremely long at the signing. I thank the players very much for participating in this event even though they had so many things to do that day (Ring Ceremony 2015) and the weeks prior. This portrait was signed by Madison Bumgarner, authenticated and ready to adorn your home, shop or collection. One of a kind.

The portrait is selling for $1,195 and measures 10" X 15". His signature is written in Gold to celebrate the World Series win in 2014 and the 2 previous wins in 2010 and 2012.