"How to videos"

By Allan Angel

(July 24, 2014)

This is my first how to video. I had to do this one on the fly because of my hectic schedule. I disabled comments as to avoid monitoring inappropriate material. What I hope to accomplish is to help people create their own comic books.

The first tutorial will be on how to convert pencil drawing into line art. I had my niece help me out with the audio.
If you have questions you can email me at: allan@integritycomics.com


1. I prefer a Mac laptop. Any mac will do as long as your intentions are to do static or non-animated type of work. Mac just flows better and looks better.

2. Minimum requirements is a computer with an i3, preferably, i5 or Intel processor or higher. Anything that will run Photoshop.

3. If you are in college or in school, use your student status to purchase the student subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud for $19.99 a month (currently) from www.academicsuperstore.com or www.journeyed.com. You have access to all of Adobe's applications, which I find very useful such as Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Audition, etc.

4. A scanner for scanning 11 X 17 paper. Or 8 X 11 as long as you have patience to cut and paste the 11X17. I recommend this model:

Mustek A3 1200S 1200 x 1200dpi 48bit USB 2.0 Interface Flatbed Scanner


5. Mechanical pencil with a 2B lead and a rubber eraser.


6. A mouse. I highly recommend a wireless mouse from Microsoft. I got mine at a discount for $10 from my friend's employee discount. Around $15 and it's worth every penny. They are available at Fry's electronics.

The second part of my how to tutorials is how to color. Pay particular attention to the following: 1. Learn how to use the lasso tool. 2. Create a shortcut for the Fill option under Edit. 3. Use the spacebar for the hand tool to navigate around your page.

This video is a fast render of the ice castle. Adding in more details shading on the side, lightening, darkening certain areas using more layers and selecting 'multiply'.