"Crimelords: 150-page Paperback"

By Allan Angel

(March 8, 2017)

The Crimelords are petty and not so petty criminals enlisted either voluntarily or through intimidation and blackmail to protect the world from threats to democracy and safety. The mastermind is the first black CEO of a corporation in the United States named Bill "Shrimp" Williams. The team is composed of an exceptional cheerleader named Melanie aka Felony, Jamal Johnson aka Thug, Tuan Nhan aka Hacker, Chassis, Arson, and Sister Blister.

The title was created by Allan Angel in 2008 during class sessions on Business Law and was sold at comic book conventions in limited run between 2010 and 2014. This 150 page paperback is a culmination of many of the issues that were published duing that time.

It will be signed by the author, artist and creator Allan Angel for $10 which includes shipping and handling.